About Us

Who we are?

At OptimumSleep, we’re dedicated to good health through good sleep. We’re big on promoting sleep health awareness and education, and we want to show you how to get, well, “optimum sleep.”

We aim to be the best, most trustworthy educational hub for all things to do with sleep — backed by science, vetted by experts, and never relying on “opinions.”

We are independent, impartial, and unbiased. We have a zeal for science and don’t tolerate pseudoscience or marketing jargon.

We want to be the biggest advocate for consumers and those looking for real, actionable sleep advice that’s expert-vetted and backed by science.

Our Mission

sleep awareness OptimumSleep’s mission is to provide our readers with the best, most trustworthy advice for getting healthy sleep.

We aim to raise awareness of the importance of good sleep and the close link between sleep and physical and mental health. We want to encourage our readers to prioritize healthy sleep by giving them the education and practical advice to do so.

Never relying on pseudoscience or contentious sources, we strive to ensure our advice is always based on the most up-to-date findings or evidence, and all expert-reviewed.

We will always remain impartial, never compromising our values or our readers’ trust for advertising dollars.

What can readers expect to find on OptimumSleep?

OptimumSleep is your one-stop, fact-checked source for everything to do with sleep.

We produce:

  • guides on sleep hygiene and how to set up an optimum sleep environment.
  • educational resources on the science and physiology of sleep.
  • guides on the relationship between sleep and health.
  • guides for sufferers of sleep disorders and sleep-related health problems.
  • the latest advice, findings, and research from our panel of sleep experts.

sleep awareness We’re about quality over quantity — you won’t find hundreds of thin, frivolous articles on OptimumSleep, but rather a few dozen thoughtful, comprehensive guides — the kind you’ll want to bookmark after reading and that you can take practical advice from.

Warts and all, mattress reviews that you can trust

In line with our mission to bring you the most honest advice and recommendations you can trust, we act as a review aggregator for the mattress industry — our mattress reviews are based on the aggregate findings of many customers and professional mattress testers who actually put each mattress through its paces.

We let the reader make up their own mind

We’ll never recommend any mattress as a sure thing for everybody — we understand that what makes a good mattress is subjective. So we make recommendations based on trends in the findings of customers and testers but always leave the decision up to our readers; we’ll never push a mattress dishonestly just for a commission.

Why You Can Trust OptimumSleep

We value the trust of our readers. And we actively try to earn it.

We’re in the sleep game for the long run, which is why you won’t find us providing generic advice based on myths and pseudoscience, and why we don’t accept incentives from manufacturers to review their mattresses favorably.

Remaining independent to retain your trust lies at the core of our values, and growth strategy.

At OptimumSleep:

  • We’re driven by fact, not opinion.
  • Our guides and advice are backed by science, reviewed, and contributed to by our panel of qualified sleep experts.
  • We don’t have cozy relationships with manufacturers or retailers, and we don’t accept kickbacks or incentives to review a product favorably.
    We call things as we see them, and brands can’t buy their way to the top of our rankings.
  • We know the comfort and suitability of mattresses are very subjective, which is why our mattress reviews aggregate the findings of multiple professional mattress testers and the opinions of real customers.
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