Mattress Education Guides

The foundation of great sleep is your mattress.

It’s the bedrock that good health (through great sleep) is built on.

At OptimumSleep, we realize the right mattress can be the difference between getting enough good-quality sleep that promotes good health and suffering from inadequate sleep that can negatively affect your health and everyday life.

As part of our mission to educate and inform our readers about the best actionable advice for healthy sleep, we’ve produced several guides dedicated to mattresses.

Our mattress guides cover everything you need to know to have the confidence to choose the right mattress for your unique needs, what to look out for through the buying process, and how to care for your new bed to ensure years of great sleep.

With our dedication to consumer education, you’ll be a mattress expert in no time with our guides.

Mattress Reviews

Struggling to choose a mattress? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive, honest mattress reviews, based on real-world findings from multiple mattress testers.