Sleep Hygiene Guides

When it comes to sleep, and we talk about hygiene, we’re not talking about brushing your teeth and washing behind your ears before bed.

Sleep hygiene is not about cleanliness — it’s about the behavior, habits, and creation of a sleep environment that encourages healthy sleep.


What Is Sleep Hygiene?

Sleep hygiene refers to both the behaviors and maintenance of environmental conditions that promote good sleep.

Sleep hygiene encompasses things like scheduling regular sleep, sticking to consistent pre-bed routines, and maintaining a comfortable, distraction-free sleep environment.

OptimumSleep’s guides on sleep hygiene are full of practical, science-backed tips and advice around sleep hygiene to arm you with all the knowledge you need to ensure you are getting the optimum, most restful, and replenishing sleep possible.

Check out our sleep hygiene articles below for actionable advice you can start using for better sleep from tonight onwards.