Puffy Mattress Review – Does It Live Up to The Hype?

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Do a Google search for The Puffy Mattress and you’ll see the official Puffy site trumpeting “Best mattress of 2020.” Reach the site and you’ll see they claim “America’s most comfortable mattress.”
Those are big claims right there — so just how do they stack up?

Perhaps you’ve seen The Puffy Mattress on Ellen and wondered to yourself whether it lives up to the hype? You’ve come to the right place.

In this in-depth and honest review, we’ll give you the complete lowdown — all the pros and cons of The Puffy Mattress so you can make an informed choice.

We’ll break down how the Puffy performed across many practical tests and let you know just who this mattress is and isn’t best suited for, based on a number of factors like sleeping position, body type, and other preferences.

Our Methodology

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Review Summary

The Puffy Mattress is an all-foam mattress with a medium feel.

It consists of 3 foam layers; on the bottom is a firm, high-density polyfoam support layer, on top of which lies a proprietary “ClimateComfort” polyfoam transition layer, and topped off with a proprietary gel-infused “CoolingCloud” memory foam comfort layer.

Being a relatively thin all-foam bed, the Puffy Mattress is best suited to individuals in the light to heavy-side-of-average weight range (~130lb - 250lb). It is well suited to side sleepers, back sleepers, and combination sleepers.

The Puffy provides enough edge support and motion isolation to make it a good choice for couples. However, when it comes to sex, some might find its lack of bounce and potential difficulty moving around on the mattress a drawback.

For those who like the contouring hug, pressure relief, and support of a memory foam mattress, The Puffy should represent good value for money, especially when you take into account the regular discounts and specials Puffy runs.

Thanks to its cooling gel foam, The Puffy may even be a good temperature-neutral choice for individuals who typically find memory foam too hot.

When you add in the small bonus features like a stain-resistant removable and machine-washable cover, a lifetime warranty, free delivery, good customer service, and a risk-free 101-night trial, The Puffy is an entry-level foam mattress that is well worth considering.

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Recommended For:

  • Those who like the “hug” of a memory foam mattress
  • Light to average weight sleepers
  • Those who are easily disturbed by their partner’s movement
  • Side, back, or combination sleepers

Not Recommended For:

  • Those who prefer a mattress with good bounce
  • Those who prefer to feel ‘on top’ of a mattress rather than ‘in’ it
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Heavy sleepers (>250lb)
  • Strict stomach sleeper


  • Airy, open-cell foam and cooling-gel infused foam for temperature neutrality
  • Stain-resistant, removable, and machine-washable cover
  • Balanced comfort, support, and pressure relief with a traditional memory foam feel
  • Suitable for back, side, and combo sleepers
  • Good motion isolation and quiet


  • Not very responsive nor bouncy — ease of movement and suitability for sex may not be the best for some
  • May still sleep too hot for some
  • Average edge support
  • Not suitable for very heavy people
  • May not be suitable for strict stomach sleepers, especially heavier ones

Ratings by Point of Concern

Ratings by Sleeping Position or Body Frame

Fact Sheet

Trial Period

Puffy mattresses have a 101-night risk-free trial period. While not the longest trial period in the industry, it is long enough to decide whether The Puffy Mattress is the right fit for you.

Plus, it is completely risk-free, meaning if you decide for any reason The Puffy is not the right mattress for you, simply contact Puffy, and not only will you receive a full refund of your purchase price, but your mattress will also be collected from you and donated to a local or national charity.

Refund & Return Policy

All you need to do to initiate a return is contact Puffy at support@puffy.com with your order number, and the return process will be started. Arrangements for the collection and donation of your mattress will be made, and you’ll receive a refund of your purchase price.

Because mattresses are donated and not returned to Puffy, there are no return shipping charges to worry about.


Puffy has one of the best warranties in the industry — rather than being covered for a set period like 10 years; the Puffy warranty covers your mattress for as long as you own it.

The warranty covers visible indentations/sagging in the foam greater than 1.5 inches, manufacturing flaws in the cover zipper, and physical defects in the cover’s construction.

The warranty is valid provided the mattress has been used on an appropriate surface or base and has not been mishandled, misused, or abused in any way. The warranty also does not cover normal wear and tear or damage that is not due to a manufacturing or material defect.

To make a claim, you’ll need the order number or name of the person who made the order, a description of the defect/problem along with a photo or video. A response will be made within 7 business days, and Puffy will replace your defective mattress with a new one free of charge for the entire lifespan of your Puffy mattress.

Delivery (S&H)

Shipping is 100% free within the contiguous USA. Shipping charges do apply to Alaska and Hawaii.

Your mattress is delivered via FedEx within 2-5 business days of your order being placed. Your Puffy mattress comes compressed and packaged in a box measuring 42” x 19”.

White-Glove Delivery

Puffy does not offer a white glove delivery service, even as an optional extra for an additional fee.

This means Puffy does not offer in-home setup and removal of your old mattress, only to your door delivery via FedEx.

Customer Service

Puffy generally has a good level of satisfaction, with 8/10 customers satisfied with their interaction with the company and service level regardless of their feelings about the mattress. This is not surprising, given the small touches that add up like free shipping, the lifetime warranty, generous risk-free trial period, and helpful staff.

Puffy’s customer support can be reached via phone, email, or contact form. Customer support staff are quick to respond, and business hours are 6:30 am - 8:00 pm PST Monday-Friday, and 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday & Sunday.

Puffy has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Company Info

Puffy’s logo

  • Founded: 2016
  • Headquarters: North Hollywood, CA, U.S. 🇺🇸
  • Made in: U.S. 🇺🇸

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How Is The Puffy Different?

The main difference of The Puffy Mattress compared to other competing all-foam mattresses lies in Puffy’s proprietary foams, designed with cooling in mind.

The CoolingCloud memory foam used in the comfort layer has the same properties as regular memory foam, but is lighter and more breathable — the foam’s cells are more ‘open’ for increased airflow and breathability. The added gel-infusion also helps to draw away and dissipate body heat for a temperature neutral sleep.

The ClimateComfort polyfoam transition layer resists contraction and expansion due to temperature changes, maintaining a consistent feeling year-round, and also acts as a temperature neutralizer, helping The Puffy stay cooler than your average memory foam mattress.

Layers & Materials

Thickness 10”
Number of Layers 4

The Puffy mattress layers breakdown

  1. Cover: 100% Polyester Cover

    The 100% polyester is Oeko-Tex certified. It is stain resistant, removable, and machine washable — which is actually a rarity for mattresses such as this, which generally specify spot cleaning and do not recommend machine washing.

  2. Comfort Layer: 2” Gel-infused CloudComfort 2.5PCF Memory Foam

    The 2” top comfort layer is what Puffy calls its “cooling cloud foam.” It is a proprietary visco polyurethane foam that is essentially the same as memory foam in the way it performs but has a much more open-cell structure than traditional memory foam.

    Its open-cell structure is designed to promote airflow and diffuse heat. The addition of a gel infusion for further heat dissipation shows that Puffy is aware of the problem of traditional memory foam retaining heat and take steps with the materials they use to counter this.

  3. Transition Layer: 2” CloudClimate Polyfoam

    The cooling properties of the Puffy Mattress continue with the 2” transition layer. This foam is humidity resistant and designed to be temperature neutral; resisting the expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations keeps a consistent feel year-round.

    As well as assisting with temperature regulation, this layer acts as the transition buffer between the soft comfort layer and the dense, firm support layer, easing the body between the two. This layer has some firmness, so it offers both pressure relief and support.

  4. Support Layer: 6” 1.5PCF Firm HD Polyfoam Support Core

    Made of a firm and dense polyfoam, Puffy claims its specialty support layer is a firmer, more supportive base not found in competitors, providing “adaptive support” as well as durability, and means it can be used on any stable surface.

    As well as offering firm back support, this dense support foam layer is also responsive. Despite it being firmer than average, it still provides good body contouring.

Model Comparison

 PuffyPuffy LuxPuffy Royal
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
Layers3 layers4 layers5 layers
Thickness10” thick12” thick14” thick
Layers Breakdown
  • CoolingCloud layer
  • ClimateComfort layer
  • Firm Core support layer
  • CoolingCloud layer
  • Plush Dual Cloud layer
  • ClimateComfort layer
  • Firm Core support layer
  • 1.5” Cooling bead-infused memory foam comfort layer
  • Quick-response polyfoam ‘Reflex’ layer
  • Slow-response memory foam contouring layer
  • Zoned polyfoam transition layer
  • Firm, HD polyfoam support layer
illustration representing aggregate ratings

Ratings by Point of Concern

Motion Isolation:  Great

One of the most telling tests when it comes to motion isolation and transfer is one undertaken by one of the professional testers where a bowling pin is stood on the mattress and first a 16lb bowling ball, and then the weight of a 200lb man is dropped on to the bed. In this particular test, the pin barely wobbled both times. The tester described this as “exceptional” and gave a 10/10 score.

A similar test was undertaken by another reviewer, this time with a glass of red wine, with the same result. It received top marks and a lot of praise from other testers and reviewers that show The Puffy Mattress is well above average when it comes to isolating motion and preventing it from being transferred across the bed.

The Puffy will be a great choice for couples who are easily disturbed by a partner or are light sleepers, as there should be very minimal movement felt from one side of the bed to the other.

Temperature Regulation:  OK

Credit must be given to Puffy for making an all-foam mattress that is cooling, or at the least temperature neutral.

While the findings of the testers suggest that the gel infusion in the memory foam layer, the lighter, open-cell structure of this foam, and the temperature regulating properties of the polyfoam transition layer all do have some bearing, making The Puffy sleep cooler than other traditional memory foam mattresses, it still may not be cooling enough for people who would typically find memory foam too hot.

Despite the gel infusion and other colling properties, at the end of the day, memory foam is still memory foam, and the comfort layer does still trap some heat. The aptest description of The Puffy would be to say it is temperature neutral rather than actively cooling, and external factors such as local climate, the type of sheets used, etc., will also have a bearing on how warm or cool the mattress feels.

Firmness: 5.5 / 10

The Puffy Mattress sits squarely in the medium-feel range. It’s a mattress designed to have broad appeal, and its middle-of-the-road firmness means it should offer a good balance of pressure relief and support for most people.

The Puffy Mattress’s unique memory foam that is softer and less-dense than traditional memory foam is relatively responsive, meaning it pushes back quickly to a neutral position once the pressure is taken off it.

However, it is still highly contouring and will give the feeling of sinking into the mattress rather than sitting on top of it.

Support & Comfort:  Good

We should start right off by saying like other foam mattresses similar to The Puffy, it is unlikely to be supportive enough for very heavy people (250lb+).

This is due to its thin, relatively soft, all-foam construction, which will allow heavy body parts to sink deeply, causing spine misalignment and the likelihood of fully compressing the comfort layers and coming to rest on the firm high-density support core.

In saying that, the level of support for people lighter than this is good. The memory foam comfort layer and polyfoam comfort/transition layer do a good job of allowing the body to sink where necessary while contouring, cradling, and keeping the spine supported and aligned.

We’ll see how this support and alignment differs by sleeping position and bodyweight further on.

Edge Support:  Good

All-foam mattresses never tend to be the best choice for sturdy edge support, but The Puffy does perform well when compared to other foam beds.

The edges do compress a bit when sitting on the edge of the bed. This is to be expected, and the depth of this compression will depend on your weight, but unless you are someone with limited mobility that might struggle to get up from a low seated position, it should not feel unstable or hard to get up from.

Likewise, while it may not be the best choice for those who like to sleep right at the edge of the bed, especially if in the heavier weight range, the level of compression at the edge is not enough that it will feel unstable or like you will roll out of bed.

The key to The Puffy’s relatively good edge support (for a foam mattress) lies in its firm, high-density thick polyfoam support core. While there is no perimeter reinforcement like a hybrid mattress would have, it is sturdy enough to provide enough resistance against too much sinkage at the edge for most people.

Pressure Relief:  Great

One of the big positives of memory foam is its pressure-relieving ability. Its combination of softness and support where it allows your body’s heavier areas to sink in while contouring and cradling, keeping the spine aligned and supported, and evenly distributing weight across the surface means it does not tend to allow pressure to build at the heaviest points like the hips and shoulders.

This is a crucial feature for side sleepers, where most of the body’s weight is concentrated at relatively small points of contact at the hips and shoulders, and The Puffy is an especially good match here.

If side sleepers are well-catered for in terms of pressure relief, then it goes without saying that back, stomach, and combination sleepers will get the same. However, heavier people are likely to experience less pressure relief, especially if they are strict stomach sleepers.

Heavy people over 250lb should consider a thicker mattress like the Puffy Lux or Puffy Royal, or a hybrid (both the Lux and Royal come in hybrid versions, too) for better pressure relief and support, without the risk of “bottoming out” or experiencing spine misalignment due to excessive sinkage.

Smell & Off-Gassing:  Good

Like any brand new all-foam mattress, there is some off-gassing and smell associated with The Puffy Mattress.

All foams used in The Puffy are CertiPUR-US® approved, and the emissions and smell are no worse than other all-foam mattresses. Depending on your sensitivity to chemical smells, you may notice it goes away after anywhere from a matter of hours to a few days.

It would be advisable to let the unboxed mattress air out in a well-ventilated room for a day or so. The smell should not be too overpowering or irritating for most people.

Still, those who are particularly sensitive to chemical smells might like to consider a mattress that is 100% natural and does not use chemical-based foams and adhesives.

Bounce & Sex:  OK

The Puffy has some features going for it that are good for sex, but lacking in others, meaning it’s not quite going to be the full package for some couples when it comes to compatibility for sexual activity.

The soft, low-density memory foam that makes The Puffy so good for pressure relief makes it not so good for those who like a good level of bounce.

While it is relatively responsive, it’s response is slow enough and the level of sinkage deep enough that it provides good traction and is silent, but does not offer much bounce, and could make it hard to change positions.

Durability:  Good

While all-foam mattresses generally do not have as long a lifespan as mattresses made from more resilient, reinforced materials such as innerspring or hybrids, The Puffy Mattress can be expected to be about as durable as comparable mattresses.

Given The Puffy is not designed for very heavy people, it is unlikely to develop premature wear and tear. However, the memory foam comfort layer is of a lower density than average, which may result in it deteriorating quicker than usual.

However, one plus on the side of durability is the firm, high-density support layer. This 6” thick polyfoam layer sets a good foundation and should ensure The Puffy provides years of good support.

While some of the foams used in The Puffy Mattress are proprietary and there’s not much information on them, the testers could not see any reason why it should not at least have an average or above lifespan for a memory foam mattress.

Ease of Movement:  OK

While the level of sinkage and contouring may make movement difficult during sex, most testers found that the soft memory foam was no impediment to being able to move around and change positions fairly easily.

Even though the foam is relatively slow responding, contours to the body, and allows some sinkage, the level of “hug” was not enough to impede movement or require too much effort to shift positions.

There were a couple of exceptions with testers who did find the foam impeded movement a bit, but this is likely to be an issue mainly for heavier people, or people who may have mobility issues. So, while most people should not find movement too much of a problem, there were enough concerns from testers to warrant just an “OK” rating.

Ease of Setup:  Good

The lack of a white glove delivery option means The Puffy cannot be awarded a “Great” rating here, but even though to your door is as far as your new mattress is going to get when delivered, its weight and packaging mean moving and setting it up is going to be no more difficult than any other all-foam mattress in a box.

It is generally advisable to use two people to move and unpack a mattress. The box The Puffy comes in measures 42” x 19” x 19”, and the weight of the mattress ranges from 41 lb for the Twin up to 87 lb for the King and California King.

The mattress is compressed, so once removed from the box, the plastic wrapping needs to be cut away, and then the mattress needs to be placed on a flat surface and allowed to expand.

Value for Money:  Good

While The Puffy is not anything out of the ordinary when it comes to technology or materials that would justify a high price tag, its middle-of-the-road quality and price tag make it about average in terms of value for money.

However, the deep discounts that are often available boost The Puffy’s value for money — and we would not advise buying one at full price.

illustration representing sleeping positions

Ratings by Sleeping Position

Suitability for Side Sleepers:  Great

The soft, contouring, and hugging memory foam of The Puffy Mattress is a perfect match for side sleepers — the cradling support that hugs the curves of the body while evenly distributing weight and avoiding the build-up of pressure at the hips and shoulders means side sleepers should experience blissful comfort.

Suitability for Stomach Sleepers:  OK

Lighter stomach sleepers will fare the best on The Puffy Mattress. Average to heavyweight stomach sleepers may find the firmness level too soft, and a mattress that is more responsive with a bit more pushback and support may be a better match.

While the level of support offered by The Puffy is decent, the level of sinkage it allows may mean stomach sleepers find their hips sink too much, causing spine misalignment and potential lumbar or neck discomfort.

A firmer or more responsive and supportive mattress like a hybrid may be a better match for strict stomach sleepers, especially heavier ones.

Suitability for Back Sleepers:  Great

While some of a mattress’s suitability comes down to preferences around firmness and feel, a lot of it has to do with the requirements determined by both bodyweight and the sleepers’ preferred position.

Back sleepers in the weight range that The Puffy Mattress is designed for should find they are excellently catered to.

While at only a medium, it is not the firmest mattress, but back sleepers will find more than adequate support and spine alignment — especially lumbar support which for back sleepers is vital to ensure the hips don’t sink too far, putting the spine out of alignment.

Suitability for Combination Sleepers Good

Those sleepers who move around a lot at night and don’t have a set positional preference should find adequate support in all positions, especially if they switch predominantly between back and side sleeping.

Heavier combination sleepers may prefer a mattress that is more responsive, bouncy, or has a more ‘on top’ feel, as ease of movement may be an issue for some, though most lighter to average weight individuals should not find changing positions hard.

illustration of a weight scale

Ratings by Body Frame Type

Suitability for Heavy People:  Bad

Being a relatively thin and soft all-foam mattress means The Puffy is not the best fit for heavy people.

The reasons are twofold — the softness of the comfort layers means heavier people are likely to receive less support — the heavy parts of their body will sink deeply into the comfort layers, resulting in spine misalignment.

Secondly, the thinness of the mattress combined with the level of compression means heavy people are likely to ‘bottom out’ — compress the comfort layers to their limit so the body actually comes to rest on the firm and dense support core — which causes pressure points and discomfort.

A firmer, thicker, more supportive mattress like an innerspring or hybrid will likely be a better match for heavier sleepers.

Suitability for Average People:  Great

People in the average weight range should have much the same experience as lighter individuals; adequate support and alignment, pressure relief, and comfort.

However, the contouring effect and level of sinkage will be more significant for average-weight individuals and may feel a deeper level of envelopment and “hug,” impeding ease of movement for some.

Suitability for Light People:  Great

The medium feel of The Puffy Mattress should suit most lightweight people well, perhaps even feeling more like a medium-firm.

The soft nature of the memory foam means even light individuals will feel the contouring and cradling effect of the comfort layer.

While they may not feel as profoundly enveloped as heavier individuals, they will not be left feeling unsupported and perched ‘on top’ of the bed.


Can I try The Puffy Mattress out in a store?

No, at this stage, Puffy mattresses are available online only. To try one out, you’ll need to take advantage of the risk-free 101-night trial period.

Can I pay extra for white-glove delivery service?

Unfortunately not. Only standard FedEx shipping is available. So, your Puffy mattress will be shipped free to your door, but moving it inside, unpacking it, setting it up, disposing of the packaging and your old mattress are your responsibility.

Can The Puffy Mattress be used on any flat surface?

Pretty much, yes. Any flat, supportive surface will do, even the floor. Other appropriate surfaces include box springs, slatted frames (with slats no more than 4” apart), platforms, and adjustable bases.

Can I only spot clean the cover?

No. The stain-resistant polyester cover has a zipper and is fully removable and machine washable — a rarity for a lot of mattress covers, which often can only be spot cleaned.

Do I need to flip The Puffy Mattress periodically?

No. The Puffy Mattress is not designed to be flipped. It can periodically be rotated if you wish, but even this is not necessary.

What is the star rating for The Puffy mattress?

According to our algorithm that calculates the average star rating for each mattress based on how well it was rated for different points of concern, The Puffy has scored 3.8 out of 5 stars.