Avocado Green Mattress Review: A Deep Dive

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Welcome to our review of the Avocado Green mattress. The Avocado Green is a hybrid mattress manufactured from natural, organic, high-quality materials. It lives up to its name, having excellent ‘green’ credentials. If eco-friendliness is important to you, then the Avocado Green is definitely a mattress you may want to consider.

We’ll show you how it stacks up in all the areas that matter, according to several professional testers, and delve into the pros and cons, as well as frequently asked questions, so that you can make an informed choice.

Our Methodology

We’re a review aggregator that curates, vets, and fact-check the best mattress reviews. Since mattresses are such a subjective product, we base our findings on the consensus from many experts and customers rather than one person’s opinion.

Review Summary

The Avocado Green is a versatile mattress in that it has two firmness options: firm, by default, and medium-firm with the addition of the optional pillow top.

It is an excellent mattress for couples, with all the elements needed for those who share a bed — it’s good for sexual activity, has great motion isolation, edge support, and ease of movement.

Most average to heavyweight people should find the firmness level comfortable; lighter individuals may find it too firm. It is also best suited to back, stomach, and combination sleepers; some side sleepers may not find sufficient pressure relief.

Quality and value-wise, the Avocado Green is tough to beat; with its durability, long expected lifespan, and a 25-year warranty, it represents a good investment.

Finally, if green credentials, ethical business practices, and natural products are important to you, then you really should not go past the Avocado Green.

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Recommended For:

  • Environmentally conscious consumers who care about eco-friendliness and ethically-sourced materials.
  • Those who prefer a firmer mattress.
  • Those who suffer from back pain.
  • Back or combination sleepers.
  • Heavy sleepers (>230lb) or average weight (130-130lb)

Not Recommended For:

  • Side sleepers.
  • Light-weight sleepers (<130lb)
  • Those who prefer an all-foam mattress.


  • Made by an ethical and environmentally aware company using natural, organic, green materials.
  • Excellent support.
  • Good temperature regulation for hot sleepers
  • Great for couples — excellent edge support and suitability for sex
  • Durable.
  • Great value for money.
  • Great for back pain


  • Pressure relief may be lacking for some people without the optional pillow top.
  • No option for people who prefer a softer-feel mattress
  • Possibly not the best choice for side sleepers

Ratings by Point of Concern

Ratings by Sleeping Position or Body Frame

Fact Sheet

Trial Period

365 nights. — The Avocado Green comes with a generous 1-year in-home trial period. The trial period begins once you receive your mattress, and if during this time you decide it is not right for you, all you need to do is contact customer support for a full refund. Additionally, your mattress will be collected and donated to charity. There are no additional charges for returns.

Refund & Return Policy

In the event the Avocado Green mattress is not for you, you can easily return or exchange it, provided it is within the 1-year trial period, it is opened within 2 weeks of receiving it, and you have met your responsibilities under the 25-year limited warranty.

The mattress does not need to be re-packed or shipped back by you — Avocado arranges for pickup and removal. All returned mattresses are donated to local charities or a needy person or family — they are never restocked or resold.

Returns are absolutely free, and refunds are paid out within 1-3 days of confirmation of receipt.


The Avocado Green is covered by a 25-year warranty, with full replacement value paid out within the first 10 years along with free return pickup and prorated coverage for the remaining 15 years.

Delivery (S&H)

Delivery is free unless you opt for the in-home delivery and setup option. The current shipping and delivery times, as published currently on the Avocado website, are as follows:


  • Pacific Time (PT) Zones: 2-3 days fulfillment and 1-4 business days shipping
  • Central Time (CT) Zones: 2-3 days fulfillment and 5 business days shipping
  • Eastern Time (ET) Zones: 2-3 days fulfillment and 5-8 business days shipping


  • Pacific Time (PT) Zones: 2-3 days fulfillment and 3-6 business days shipping
  • Central Time (CT) Zones: 2-3 days fulfillment and 7 business days shipping
  • Eastern Time (ET) Zones: 2-3 days fulfillment and 7-9 business days shipping

White-Glove Delivery

Like many other mattress manufacturers, Avocado offers an in-home (often known elsewhere as ‘White Glove’) delivery service for an extra fee.

For an additional $249 (within the continental US), the mattress will be shipped to a local service partner in your area who will contact you to organize a suitable delivery time within a nominated 4-hour window. The bed will be set up in the room of your choice, and you even have the option of having your old mattress removed and taken away for free.

Avocado recommends choosing the in-home delivery option for those who may not have the strength to handle and move the mattress safely or don’t have help available, as mattresses made from natural materials such as the Avocado Green can be very heavy compared to those made of synthetic materials.

They especially recommend this option for the larger sizes such as King and California King.

Customer Service

No one’s ever going to be perfect, but Avocado does tend to rate very well for customer service. They’re a company that definitely likes to show that it cares, as is reflected in its stance on the environment and using natural, organic, and sustainable materials, as well as having a conscience when it comes to supporting workers in developing countries.

This concern definitely extends to its customer service team, which customers rate very highly for its responsiveness and helpful nature.

Avocado’s customer service is very easy to get hold of as well, with customers having the option of a website contact form, phone, live online chat, as well as access to the staff at the 2 Avocado Experience centers located in Hoboken, NJ, and Santa Monica, CA. The website also has a comprehensive help and FAQ section.

Company Info

Avocado Green’s logo

  • Founded: 2015
  • Headquarters: Hoboken, NJ, U.S. 🇺🇸
  • Made in: California, U.S. 🇺🇸

How Is The Avocado Green Different?

Avocado’s main standout difference is its commitment to eco-friendliness, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a mattress company that has more certifications to prove it then they do. The Avocado Green is certified organic.

The spring layer of this hybrid has a reinforced steel perimeter (most hybrids have a dense foam perimeter), which means even support across the whole surface of the mattress and superior edge support.

It is a zoned support mattress, meaning the level of support is different across different areas of the bed, higher where it’s needed, such as at the hips and shoulders.

To top it off, a simple-yet-thoughtful touch that many mattress makers do not include — sturdy handles stitched into the sides that make moving it around easier.

Model Comparison

What’s the Difference Between the Avocado Green and the Avocado Vegan?

Construction-wise, both mattresses are essentially the same. However, the wool that is used in the Green is replaced by GOTS organic certified cotton.

 Avocado GreenAvocado Vegan
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
Layers4 layers4 layers, 11”
Thickness11” thick (13” with pillow top)11” thick (13” with pillow top)
  • Organic Cotton Ticking — GOTS organic certified and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (wraps the whole mattress)
  • Organic Wool — 1 ounce per sq. ft. — GOTS organic certified and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100: Class 1 certified wool (19.HIN.68466, Hohenstein HTTI).
  • Organic Dunlop Latex — D65 / 14-19 ILD, Soft, 2 inches — GOLS organic certified, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, and eco-INSTITUT® certified.
  • Leggett & Platt Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone® — Up to 1,414 pocketed support coils in 3 zones with 2 reinforced perimeters.
  • Organic Dunlop Latex — D65 / 14-19 ILD, Soft, 1 inch — GOLS organic certified, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, and eco-INSTITUT® certified.
  • Organic Cotton Canvas — GOTS organic certified and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Herringbone pattern.
  • Organic Cotton Ticking — GOTS organic certified and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (wraps the whole mattress)
  • GOTS organic certified cotton batting
  • Organic Dunlop Latex — D65 / 14-19 ILD, Soft, 2 inches — GOLS organic certified, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, and eco-INSTITUT® certified.
  • Leggett & Platt Quantum Edge® Elite Combi-Zone® — Up to 1,414 pocketed support coils in 3 zones with 2 reinforced perimeters.
  • Organic Dunlop Latex — D65 / 14-19 ILD, Soft, 1 inch — GOLS organic certified, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, and eco-INSTITUT® certified.
  • Organic Cotton Canvas — GOTS organic certified and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Herringbone pattern.
illustration representing aggregate ratings

Ratings by Point of Concern

Motion Isolation:  Good

The Avocado Green scored an average of 8/10 for motion isolation and partner disturbance, with a high of 9.2 and a low of 6, and comments ranged from “average” to “good” to “pretty good” — this was one area where there seems to be a fair bit of discrepancy between some of the ratings and opinions of reviewers.

What should be taken into account is the type of mattress the Avocado Green is — it is a hybrid, with springs — and it performs well for the kind of mattress it is; which will rarely perform as well as a memory foam mattress when it comes to motion isolation.

Practical demonstrations give a better idea than just ratings and comments. With a bowling pin on one side of the mattress, both a 16lb bowling ball and then a 200lb man were dropped onto the other side. When the ball was dropped, the pin wobbled but did not fall. But when the weight of the man dropped onto the bed, the pin fell over.

This shows that due to the bounce provided by the coils, there is some motion transfer and potential for partner disturbance, so if you are an exceptionally light sleeper with a partner, you may experience some transfer of movement between sides.

Observations from reviewers were that it does deaden most cross-bed motion, it does minimize (not eliminate) disturbance, there’s minimal motion transfer. You won’t feel every motion but probably more than what you would with other types of mattresses, such as all-foam ones.

Temperature Regulation:  Great

Among reviewers, the Avocado Green averaged an 8.6/10 for coolness, with its highest rating a 9.5 and the lowest a 7, with consistent comments such as “great” and “excellent” — a good result and consistent with other hybrid mattresses, where the combination of both latex and other foams and a breathable pocket spring layer tend to promote good airflow and heat dissipation, even in hot and humid climates.

The organic cotton fabric used in the mattress is highly breathable. It also contains wool, which is a great temperature regulator and wicks moisture. The fact that it is a firmer mattress where you don’t sink too far and are not enveloped by the materials means more of your body’s surface area is exposed to the air, which also helps with cooling.

Suppose you’re someone who naturally runs hot or are a woman going through menopause, for instance. In that case, your experience may differ — how cool a mattress sleeps can be quite a subjective matter, and ultimately testing it out for a length of time in your own environment is the only surefire way to know whether the Avocado Green’s temperature regulation is right for you — which is part of the reason why they offer a full 1-year trial; to allow you to experience all four seasons and a range of temperatures and conditions.

Firmness:  Standard 7 / 10 with Pillow Top 6.5 / 10

The firmness of your Avocado mattress will depend on whether you opt for the standard mattress (no pillow-top) or one with the added Euro pillow-top, which is permanently attached and adds an additional 2 inches of plush organic latex. The pillow-top option rates as being softer than the standard with no pillow-top.

Regardless of which version you choose, the reviews are unanimous — the Avocado Green is definitely suited to those who prefer a firmer mattress. The standard version rated as “Firm” with an average firmness rating of 7.2/10, with the highest firmness rating being an 8.5 and the lowest a 5.5.

The pillow-top version rated as “Medium-firm” with an average firmness rating of 6.3/10, with the highest firmness rating being a 7 and the lowest a 6.

If you’re a fan of memory foam and like a cozy, snug, sink-in kind of feel, the Avocado is most likely not for you. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the mattress as opposed to sinking into it, thanks to the pocket coil support core, but the addition of the pillow-top does offer some extra cradling and snugness.

Support & Comfort:  Great

The overall consensus is that the level of support from the Avocado is excellent — which you would expect from a hybrid with zoned pocket coils. The Avocado Green offers 5-zone support, which provides different support levels corresponding to hips, back, and shoulders.

Spinal alignment is the key to how well a mattress offers “support.” The level of spinal alignment and, therefore, support will vary depending on the size and weight of the sleeper and their predominant sleeping position.

The consensus among reviewers is that both back and stomach sleepers, regardless of weight, will receive excellent support (rated anywhere from 9.5 to a perfect 10).

Side sleepers are the only ones likely to encounter diminished support due to the Avocado’s firm nature. It is this firmness that means the hips and shoulders may not sink into the top layers enough, leaving the sleeper with a curved spine, which can result in back pain.

This problem is likely to be worse for heavier sleepers. However, the inclusion of the pillow-top option is likely to mitigate this issue somewhat by providing an extra 2 inches of cushioning.

Edge Support:  Great

This is one area where the Avocado Green really excels — scoring a superb 9.5/10 average among reviewers, with the lowest score a 9 and the highest a perfect 10. Comments from reviewers included “excellent” and “exceptional.”

This exceptional edge support is thanks to the fully reinforced steel perimeter — you just aren’t going to get the same sinking and sagging you get with all-foam mattresses.

Reviewers commented how the Avocado Green has better edge support than most of its competitors, you’ll feel very secure, and you can sleep right up to the edge without feeling like you’re going to roll or fall off.

Pressure Relief:  Standard OK with Pillow Top Good

The variable support offered by the zoned construction of the Avocado Green’s spring layer means the ‘push back’ from the pocket coils are matched in accordance with the weight distribution of the sleeper’s body across the length of the bed — meaning sturdier resistance where the heavier areas of the body such as the hips and shoulders lie.

However, this spring ‘push back’ combined with the firmness of the standard Avocado Green mattress means some people may not find it to be as pressure-relieving as other mattresses.

This is more likely to be the case with side sleepers, too, as they are the most difficult to cater for when it comes to pressure relief due to the less-uniform weight distribution of this position, which concentrates bodyweight in much smaller areas, at the hips and shoulders especially.

People who are ‘curvier’ than average often experience less pressure relief, too, due to parts of the body sinking deeper than others. For people with ‘standard’ curves, the standard Avocado rates as above average for lighter weight sleepers, slightly above average for average to above-average weight sleepers, and average for heavier sleepers.

For sleepers with curvier bodies, it rates somewhat above average for lightweight sleepers, and average for all other bodyweights.

The addition of the Euro pillow-top will provide better pressure relief due to the addition of an extra 2 inches of plush latex that gives more room to sink and provides more cushioning to mold to the body.

So, if pressure relief is an essential criterion for you, or you suffer from problems that can be exacerbated by a firm mattress like circulation problems and numbness, then going for the pillow-top option will be a must for you.

Smell & Off-Gassing:  Great

Avocado is a company that cares about the materials they use in their mattresses, opting to use materials that are natural, organic, free of chemicals, allergens, and anything harmful, that are as environmentally friendly as possible as well as being sourced ethically. Using natural materials means no polyurethanes, no glues, and only certified organic natural latex.

This is good news for those with sensitive noses — the off-gassing, which is responsible for that strong chemical smell you get with mattresses that contain foam and other rubbers and chemicals, is minimal. Among the reviewers, it averaged a rating of 9.75/10 for off-gassing and smell.

There is a smell when you first unwrap the mattress, of course (all latex does give off some scent), but in the case of the Avocado Green, by all accounts, this dissipates fairly quickly. One reviewer even commented that the outer cover even has a pleasant, somewhat ‘earthy’ smell.

Bounce & Sex:  Great

The Avocado Green rates as a very good mattress for sex. Rating extremely high for responsiveness and bounce, and ease of movement, couples making love will not have that ‘stuck in the mud’ feel some foam (especially memory foam) mattresses have.

The bounce, responsiveness, ease of repositioning, and superior edge support make this a good choice for couples who enjoy an active sex life.

Durability:  Great

“Durable” is one of the keywords that kept popping up time and again across all the reviews we studied. Reviewers were absolutely consistent in their praise for the quality and durability of the materials used in the Avocado Green, the quality of the construction, and the mattress’s overall durability. It was one area where reviewers were unanimously impressed.

As mentioned, it is constructed to last. The Dunlop latex used is very long-lasting, as are the other materials, which are incredibly durable and of premium quality. And the spring construction and reinforcement, being made of steel, is, of course, going to last a long time — and means it will maintain a high level of support as well.

The only concern raised is that these mattresses have only been around since 2015, so any mattresses in circulation are still only in the early stages of their life. Yet, they do come with a 25-year warranty, and the common opinion was that you should expect at least 10-15 years use out of it, with one expert reviewer even going so far as to say they found no reason why with fair treatment it would not last 20 years.

Ease of Movement:  Great

One aspect of some mattresses that contain foam and latex is that moving and changing position on the bed can sometimes feel a lot more difficult and take a lot more effort than it should.

This is mainly because foam layers can sometimes feel as if you’re sinking into them, leaving you with a ‘stuck in the mud’ feeling and like you have to fight the mattress just to roll over.

Thankfully, the Avocado Green rates highly for both responsiveness and bounce, meaning that it will give a feeling of ‘pushback’ — the foam moves back into position quickly rather than laboring slowly to return to neutral.

This, combined with the bounce and support of the spring layer, means you will be able to move freely throughout the night without expending excess energy due to the mattress working against you. This ease of movement makes the Avocado Green suitable for combo sleepers and those who are restless sleepers and shift a lot during the night.

Ease of Setup:  Good

There’s no way around it — mattresses are bulky, often heavy, and generally a pain to move. How easy you find the Avocado Green to move around, unpack and set up will depend — the standard mattress weighs between 59lb for the Twin up to 122lb for the California King.

In comparison, the pillowtop version weighs between 80lb for the Twin up to 132lb for the California King. If this is going to prove too heavy for you, there is the option of in-home setup and removal of your old mattress for $249. All King and California King size Avocado mattresses are set up in-home for you at no extra cost.

The mattresses come rolled, wrapped, and compressed in a box, meaning those strong enough should have not too much trouble maneuvering the mattress to where it needs to be, though you may want some help if it needs to be carried upstairs. Unpacking is a cinch, simply remove it from the packaging and leave it to expand into shape for a few hours; no further setup or assembly is required.

Once your mattress is in place, if you do need to move it, the addition of two heavy-duty upholstered handles sewn into the mattress sides means maneuvering or carrying it is made even easier. And as a bonus, the Avocado Green does not require periodic flipping.

Value for Money:  Great

There’s no doubt about it, the Avocado Green is not the cheapest mattress in a box on the market, sitting at a price point that’s higher than comparable mattresses.

However, Avocado is a company that unashamedly knows what it stands for and caters to customers who share the same values as them and who care about eco-friendly, natural, and sustainable materials. Using more expensive organic natural materials and all the associated certifications (GOLS, etc.) adds extra costs to the price.

Still, the consensus is pretty clear that if you care about natural healthy materials and the quality of both the mattress and the sleep you’ll get on it, the Avocado Green represents good value for money and is well worth the price.

illustration representing sleeping positions

Ratings by Sleeping Position

Suitability for Stomach Sleepers:  Good

Beds that allow the hips to sink too deep are often problematic for stomach sleepers, as this is the area that needs to be supported the most for proper spinal alignment and to take the pressure off the lumbar area.

Thankfully, stomach sleepers of all weights and sizes will not have this problem with the Avocado Green. Its firmness and the support given by the springs means the hips of stomach sleepers will be very well supported.

Suitability for Side Sleepers:  OK

Due to the firm nature of the standard Avocado Green mattress, side sleepers are less likely than sleepers in other positions to feel proper spinal alignment and pressure relief. The firm support that makes it ideal for back and stomach sleepers does not serve side sleepers so well.

This should be significantly improved on the pillow-top version of the mattress, however, especially if you’re on the heavier side, as you’ll experience enhanced contouring that goes with sinking deeper into the plush cushioning.

Suitability for Back Sleepers:  Great

Back sleepers of all sizes and weights should find excellent support and comfort, with excellent spinal alignment and just the right amount of sink, contouring, support, and pressure relief for the hips and shoulders, with especially good lumbar support.

Suitability for Combination Sleepers Great

The responsiveness and bounce of the Avocado Green mean it is going to be a good choice for combination sleepers — those who sleep in more than one position throughout the night. The ease of movement allowed by the mattress means changing positions is not going to be a struggle.

While it is rated as best for back and stomach sleepers, side sleepers, especially if lightweight, may not find the pressure relief to be the best, especially without the pillow top option. Combination sleepers who do not spend all night on their side should find themselves well served and comfortable on the Avocado Green.

illustration of a weight scale

Ratings by Body Frame Type

Suitability for Heavy People:  Great

The Avocado Green has a lot going for it if you’re heavier than average. Its firmness, combined with its thickness, means sleepers with heavier frames are going to be exceptionally well supported.

You’re going to experience cushioning and contouring to your body (especially if you opt for the pillow top, giving you an extra 2 inches of thickness and cushioning) without sinking so far that you ‘bottom out’ — which can be a problem for heavier people on thinner mattresses.

Another standout benefit of the Avocado Green for heavier sleepers is the zoned coil system that provides extra reinforcement through the middle of the mattress, where the bulk of the body’s weight is concentrated.

Heavy people over 230lbs might want to choose the mattress without the added pillow top, as the extra cushioning may result in the feeling of sinking too deeply into the bed.

If you’re in this weight range and sleep predominantly on your back or side, you should find the level of support, pressure relief, and comfort to be very good. If you’re in this weight range and a stomach sleeper, there is a chance the hip and lower back support may not be adequate, and this lack of support will be exacerbated with the addition of the pillowtop.

Suitability for Average People:  Great

If you’re in the average weight range (130-230lb), you’re likely going to be very well served regardless of whether you opt for the firmer original version or the medium-firm pillowtop version. Irrespective of your firmness preference, you should find the level of comfort, support, spine alignment, and pressure relief to be more than adequate.

Most of the professional testers found it to be very good, with the only caveat being that, like for both heavy and lighter sleepers, average weight stomach sleepers may find hip support inadequate.

If you are predominantly a stomach sleeper and have lower back issues, the Avocado Green may not be the best choice regardless of your body weight, but this is one situation where the generous trial period will allow you to decide whether it is right for your body or not.

Suitability for Light People:  OK

Lightweight sleepers (under 130lb) may find the version of the Avocado Green to be too firm, and, as already mentioned, side sleepers in this weight range may not receive adequate pressure relief due to the level of firmness.

Though comfort is subjective, most lightweight sleepers would probably benefit from the addition of the pillowtop for an added 2 inches of cushioning.

The Avocado Green is likely to feel firmer for lightweight sleepers in any position, as they will likely feel ‘on top of’ the mattress as opposed to having a cradled, sinking into the mattress feel.


Can I try before I buy?

Avocado only has two retail stores, located in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Santa Monica, California. These are the only locations where you can try out the Green mattress in a showroom.

A lot of people are skeptical about buying a mattress sight unseen and untested online, but Avocado indeed has you covered with their full 1-year risk-free sleep trial. Test it out in your own home, and if you’re not satisfied, returning is free and easy.

Avocado even has a guide to help you get the best out of your sleep trial.

How safe are the foams used in the Avocado Green mattress?

Totally safe — the latex foam Avocado uses is 100% GOLS organic certified. It is VOC-free and “carries the prestigious and independent certification from the eco-INSTITUT in Cologne, Germany,” which means that their latex — and all other materials that go into their mattresses — exceed legal requirements for both quality and ‘health-harmlessness,’

There are no poly-foams or memory foams used in Avocado mattresses.

What about chemical fire retardants?

As you would probably guess by now, there’s no way Avocado uses any chemical fire retardants in any of their mattresses. In fact, they do not even use any kind of synthetic fiber ‘sock’ that many other mattress companies use that char and smother flames before they spread.

Despite not using any of these methods, the Avocado Green still meets all federal safety standards through the use of wool, which is naturally flame-resistant, “in all the right places.”

What kind of foundation do I need for an Avocado mattress?

Avocado mattresses are designed to be placed on a rigid, stable, non-spring foundation (including adjustable), platform, or bunkie board. While box springs are technically feasible, they are not recommended — they contain springs, as do the mattresses — meaning the bed will likely be too ‘springy.’

Are slats okay?

Yes, slatted foundations are suitable — the maximum spacing allowed between slats is 5 inches.

Are there discounts available?

Avocado offers a $50 discount for military personnel (active, reservist, discharged and retired US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard personnel).

What is the star rating for The Avocado Green mattress?

According to our algorithm that calculates the average star rating for each mattress based on how well it was rated for different points of concern, The Avocado Green has scored 4.3 out of 5 stars.