Saatva Mattress Review — Is It Really That Good?

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Here’s our unbiased and in-depth review of the Saatva Classic mattress. At OptimumSleep, our reviews are based on the findings of multiple professional mattress testers who physically put each mattress through its paces to find out how it really performs in all the areas that matter.

We aggregate the findings from testers and real customers into a summarized breakdown so you can make an informed choice.

The Saatva Classic is a highly versatile mattress and one of the top-performing ones we’ve reviewed to date. It is available in three firmness options and two different height profiles. The ability to mix and match firmness and thickness means it’s a mattress that is likely to be a match for just about every type of sleeper regardless of body size or sleeping position.

Our Methodology

We’re a review aggregator that curates, vets, and fact-check the best mattress reviews. Since mattresses are such a subjective product, we base our findings on the consensus from many experts and customers rather than one person’s opinion.

Review Summary

The Saatva Classic mattress is a high-quality, luxurious hybrid mattress available in medium-soft, medium-firm, and firm versions, as well as two thickness profiles — 11.5” and 14.5”.

This versatility and ability to mix and match means it is a mattress that will suit just about everybody. It is a high-performing luxury mattress at a fraction of the cost of mattresses of comparable quality that you’d find in a brick and mortar store.

The Classic offers a great balance of soft cushioning and conforming thanks to its polyfoam and fiberfill Euro pillow top and sturdy support from its steel Bonnell coil support base. The extra layer of individually pocketed coils in the comfort layer adds support and stability and provides excellent contouring for spine alignment and pressure relief.

The mattress’s surface is easy to move around on, making it perfect for couples and combination sleepers, thanks to its high level of bounce and responsiveness.

The Classic’s versatility makes it an attractive option for almost every type of sleeper regardless of weight or sleeping position. It represents an excellent investment given the high quality and relatively modest price. It comes with a 15-year warranty, free white glove delivery, and the great customer service Saatva is known for.

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Recommended For:

  • Those who like a mattress with a high level of responsiveness and bounce.
  • Those who enjoy the feel of a traditional innerspring or hybrid mattress.
  • Couples.
  • Those who like to be able to customize both the firmness and height of their mattress.
  • Those who have mobility issues, or ease of movement is essential.
  • Those who like to sit on or lie near the edge of the bed or want to be able to utilize the entire surface.
  • Those who sleep hot.

Not Recommended For:

  • Those who don’t like a mattress with a lot of bounce and responsiveness.
  • Those who prefer a foam mattress.
  • Those who like the feeling of melting into and being enveloped by the mattress instead of being on top of it.
  • Those who are easily disturbed by their partner’s movements.


  • Great value for money.
  • Split size options.
  • Three firmness and two thickness options.
  • Very well-balanced in terms of comfort, support, contouring, and pressure relief.
  • It will suit most sleepers.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • A high performer in just about every performance category.
  • Excellent edge support.
  • Great for couples.


  • Motion isolation may not be enough for easily disturbed sleepers.
  • It might not suit those who prefer the feel of a memory foam mattress.
  • It won’t suit those who don’t like a bouncy or highly responsive mattress.
  • There is potential for the springs to develop some creaking with age.
  • There is a $99 transportation fee for returns and exchanges and a $99 transportation fee each way for warranty claims.

Ratings by Point of Concern

Ratings by Sleeping Position or Body Frame

Fact Sheet

Trial Period

Saatva offers a generous 180-night home sleep trial. This is normally ample time for you to adjust to your new mattress and sleep on it through different seasons to ensure it is a good match. If you decide it’s not right for you, you can return or exchange it at any time within the trial period.

Refund & Return Policy

You can choose to return your mattress if it is not right for you at any time within the 180-night trial period for a full refund. Saatva will arrange for the pickup of your mattress, but they do charge a $99 transportation fee. Saatva then donates these mattresses to veteran’s shelters or offer them to employees or associates across their delivery network.

You can choose to exchange your mattress rather than returning it, in which case simply call their customer service center, and they will send out a new mattress and pick up the old one for a $99 transportation fee. Once you receive your new mattress, you have a new 180-night trial period to try that one out to make sure it’s right.


The Saatva Classic comes with a non-prorated 15-year warranty. If any defect occurs within the first two years, they will replace it with a brand new mattress free of charge. For years three through15, they will replace or repair your defective mattress, charging a $99 transportation fee each way ($198 total cost).

Saatva also offers a Fairness Replacement Option that is separate from the warranty. If you choose this option, you get to keep your original mattress, and in years 3 through 5, you will get a brand new mattress for 30% of the original purchase price; in years six through 10, you’ll get a new mattress for 50% of the original purchase price, and 75% of the original purchase price in years 11 through 15.

Delivery (S&H)

Delivery on all Saatva mattresses is free. They are not “bed-in-a-box” mattresses, so they are not delivered wrapped, compressed, and rolled inside a box. Instead, they are delivered ready to use, with no unpacking necessary.

Saatva does not ship directly to Hawaii or Alaska, but they can arrange delivery for you via a freight forwarder, which will come at an extra cost.

You will receive a text message confirming your order details within 36 hours of placing your order. Saatva mattresses are made to order, so when it has come through production and inspection and is ready for delivery, you will receive a call to schedule delivery. Then, the day before delivery, you will receive another call to arrange a four-hour window for delivery the following day.

White-Glove Delivery

A nice bonus that Saatva offers is free white glove delivery as standard.

This service usually costs between $100-$150 from other brands as an add-on to standard delivery.

Because Saatva mattresses don’t come compressed in boxes, they aren’t as easy to handle, so your mattress will be delivered and set up in your home for you and your old mattress taken away if you wish.

Customer Service

Nine out of ten customer experiences have shown that consumers have had a positive service experience with Saatva regardless of their thoughts on the product.

Saatva prides itself on its customer service, and overall it’s a smooth, pleasant experience.

You have the option of email, phone, and live chat support, and they go out of their way to ensure a good delivery experience once you have placed your order, calling to confirm the expected delivery date, then again the day before delivery, and also on the day of delivery to confirm a time window for delivery. The customer service reps through to delivery men have all been found pleasant to deal with.

The free white glove delivery as standard is a nice touch to top off the experience Saatva works to make enjoyable for customers.

Company Info

Saatva’s logo

  • Founded: 2011
  • Headquarters: New York, NY, U.S. 🇺🇸
  • Made in: USA 🇺🇸

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How Is The Saatva Different?

The Saatva Classic is not your typical innerspring or hybrid mattress. It has a unique dual coil construction, with two layers of springs; one layer of steel Bonnell coils in the support base and another layer of individual pocketed coils in the comfort layer.

These two layers of springs mean the Classic is a temperature-neutral-to-cool sleeping mattress owing to its open, airflow-promoting construction coupled with its relatively thin foam layers and breathable organic cotton cover.

Another feature that makes the Saatva Classic stand out is the three firmness options; Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm, and its two thickness options, 11.5” and 14.5”. This means you can choose the firmness and height option that’s the best match for you.

Couples with differing preferences are catered for, too; the versatility and options continuing with both Split King and Split California King sizes available.

Layers & Materials

Thickness 11.5”, 14.5”
Number of Layers 4

The Saatva is available in two profiles with different thicknesses — 11.5” and 14.5” high. Both profile options have the same construction; the difference is in the height of the support coils.

The Saatva Classic mattress layers breakdown

  1. Euro Pillow Top: 1.25” Soft Polyfoam (Plush Soft & Luxury Firm versions) OR 1.5” Firm Polyfoam (Firm version)

    The cover is made from knitted organic cotton. It is highly breathable, coated with a natural plant-based thistle flame retardant, and treated with Saatva’s Guardin® botanical antimicrobial treatment.

    Tucked underneath the cotton cover is a 3”-thick Euro pillow top that provides more cushioning than a standard pillow top. It contains a mix of fiberfill and polyfoam. The Plush Soft and Luxury firm versions have a 1.25” thick layer of soft polyfoam while the Firm version includes a 1.5” thick layer of firm polyfoam.

  2. Perimeter Edge Support: High-density Foam Rails

    A foam encasement that deters sag and provides extra durability as well as more sleeping surface.

  3. Comfort Layer: 4”-thick 14.5-gauge Individually-pocketed Foam-encased Recycled Steel Coils

    The Classic’s comfort layer differs from other hybrids. Not only does it contain a layer of high-density memory foam with zoned lumbar support, but it also includes a layer of foam-encased individually-pocketed recycled steel comfort coils for added stability, support, and contouring. Thanks to its dual-coil system, the Saatva Classic has a more responsive feel and better breathability.

  4. Patented Spinal Zone Technology

    Saatva has an interesting lumbar zone technology; The active wire below the wrapped coils and the high-density memory foam layer above it work together to provide additional support in the center third of the mattress, promoting pressure relief and providing zoned support for the lumbar and back area.

  5. Support Base: 416 Tempered Steel Bonnell Coils

    The support layer consists of sturdy tempered steel Bonnell coils. In the 11.5” version, they measure 4” in height and 7” in the 14.5” mattress version. These 13-gauge coils are tempered 3 times and oven-baked, providing durable and stable support.

Model Comparison

Twin38” x 75”$799
Twin XL38” x 80”$999
Full54” x 75”$1299
Queen60” x 80”$1399
King76” x 80”$1799
Split King76” x 80”$1998
California King72” x 84”$1799
Split California King72” x 84”$1999
illustration representing aggregate ratings

Ratings by Point of Concern

Motion Isolation:  OK

There was a bit of a mixed bag of opinions among testers when it came to motion isolation tests, but the overriding sentiment did seem to be that the level of motion transfer across the surface of the Saatva Classic is comparable to other innerspring and hybrid mattresses, owing to its high level of responsiveness and bounce.

Many of the testers said that a decent amount of movement is noticeable. While anyone who is used to an innerspring or hybrid mattress should not find it anything out of the ordinary, couples may want to take the level of motion transfer into account, especially if one or both are easily disturbed.

The Saatva Classic uses thinner layers of foam in its comfort system than other hybrids due to the pocketed coils’ inclusion. However, the combination of the comfort foam with the relatively plush Euro top does absorb some motion, reducing movement across the bed’s surface to some degree, and the Plush Soft version will absorb more movement than the firmer versions.

Overall, the disruption and motion across the bed’s surface, while noticeable, was not found to be excessive, even with getting in and out of the bed. But the bounce and responsiveness mean the level of motion isolation provided by the Saatva Classic will never be on par with, say, a memory foam mattress.

Temperature Regulation:  Great

Hot sleepers rejoice—the testers nearly unanimously agreed that temperature neutrality is one of the real strengths of the Saatva Classic.

Only one tester, who even admitted he was nitpicking, found it slept a little hot, though the majority found they did not heat up at all, and one even found it to sleep “exceptionally cool.”

The key to the cool-sleeping nature of the Saatva Classic is its construction. Mattresses with spring layers are more open, promoting airflow through the mattress’s interior, which prevents heat from building up. This is doubled in the Saatva Classic thanks to the two layers of springs in the base and comfort layers.

The comfort layer springs being located underneath the memory foam layer means the heat retention typical of memory foam should not be much of a problem. The relatively thin foam layer also contributes to not as much heat build-up.

The Plush Soft version may sleep slightly warmer than the firmer versions due to its deeper cushioning, which may reduce some surface airflow, but this was not highlighted as a problem.

To top it off, the organic knit cotton cover is breathable and helps to prevent surface heat build-up.

Firmness:  Plush Soft 3.4 / 10 Luxury Firm 6.2 / 10 Firm 7.9 / 10

One of the best features of the Saatva Classic mattress, and one that makes it truly versatile and suitable for just about anybody, regardless of body weight, shape, or sleeping position, is its range of three firmness options.

The Plush Soft version is the softest and most conforming and would be best suited to light sleepers weighing 130lb or less, especially side sleepers who need a bit more cushioning around the shoulders and hips or those who like a soft, plush feel. At a 3.4 on the mattress firmness scale, it’s unlikely to be suitable for heavier people, especially stomach or back sleepers.

The Luxury Firm version comes in at a 6.2 on the firmness scale, placing it in the ever-popular medium-firm range. This version will have the broadest appeal and be best-suited to the widest range of sleepers. The luxurious Euro top allows for a medium amount of sinkage while not giving that melting into the bed feel or conforming as closely as the Plush Soft. It would suit anybody who enjoys that traditional innerspring or hybrid mattress feel.

The Firm version, while scraping just under what would be classed as truly ‘firm’ at averaging 7.9 on the firmness scale, the majority of testers classed it as an eight on the scale, which we think justifies rating it as a true firm mattress. This version is the least conforming and most supportive of the three firmness settings. It will suit heavier people weighing above 230lb, stomach and back sleepers, and those who prefer the feeling of a firm, supportive bed without too much sinkage or conforming.

Support & Comfort:  Great

One of the appealing features of the Saatva Classic is the thick Euro top that provides plenty of comfort without deep sinkage—this is far from a mattress that feels overly soft and unsupportive. Providing you pick the right firmness option, you’re not going to feel like you’re enveloped within the mattress. All testers noted how they felt supported on top of the mattress while still experiencing excellent comfort.

The key to the Saatva Classic’s high level of support is the coil on coil construction. The strong tempered steel Bonnell coils in the support base provide sturdy, robust support and mean the mattress can handle a combined weight of 600lb.

The base’s excellent support is enhanced by the contouring spine alignment of the individually pocketed steel coils in the comfort layer. These coils provide a tailored feel, conforming to the shape and curves of your body, while the combination of the two layers provides plenty of pushback so you won’t feel like you’re sinking or sagging into the bed.

Edge Support:  Great

The dual perimeter foam-encased edge support system made from durable foam adds a sturdy amount of edge support that testers found performed exceptionally well and that proved to be well above-average compared to other hybrids.

A finding common to all testers was that there was no significant sinkage when sitting on the bed’s edge. Likewise, when lying at the edge of the mattress, there was very little dipping or sinkage and a feeling of stability—no feeling like they were at risk of rolling off.

The result of the superior edge support is that the usable surface of the mattress is maximized, making it a good choice for couples.

Pressure Relief:  Good

The Saatva Classic provided good pressure relief overall for all weights in all sleeping positions when measured in sensory pad tests. One caveat that must be mentioned is given the firmness options available, pressure relief to a large extent does rely on picking the right model for your weight, preferred sleeping position, and level of cushioning and comfort.

The Plush Soft version provided better pressure relief for lighter people, especially side sleepers, weighing 130lb or less. The Luxury Firm and Firm versions were more supportive and conforming, thus offering better pressure relief for heavier people from 130-230lb+.

The soft yet responsive Euro top and the comfort layer coils that contour to the body provide the bulk of the pressure relief, both cradling the body and evenly spreading weight across the mattress surface.

One tester did find the Luxury Firm did not provide the best pressure point relief, especially around the hips and shoulders. Still, the overwhelming consensus was that the Plush Soft would give the best pressure relief for light people under 130lb, especially curvy people; the Luxury Firm should suit most sleepers in the 130-130lb range, and pressure relief from the Frim version will be best for those weighing over 230lb.

Smell & Off-Gassing:  Great

The verdict from both testers and customers is that smell and off-gassing is not an issue at all with the Saatva Classic.

There are a few factors that work in its favor that means smell is not a problem. Firstly, the open, airflow-promoting construction means any little smell that may be emanating from the mattress once you receive it will dissipate quickly.

Secondly, the mattresses are made to order and not compressed and then packed into a box. They are stored unboxed in a warehouse before being shipped, so they have a chance to breathe and off-gas before delivery. The foams are already stable by the time you will receive your mattress, so it should be ready to sleep on the first night after you receive it with no issues or having to air it out in a ventilated room for hours or days.

The foams used in the Saatva Classic conform to CertiPUR-US® standards for health and environmental safety. The flame retardant barrier is made from natural thistle pulp rather than chemical sprays.

Bounce & Sex:  Great

The Saatva Classic is a great couples mattress and very conducive to sexual activity.

Testers found the Euro top to be nice and conforming, and it provides very good traction without letting you sink too far into the surface.

The springs provide plenty of bounce and pushback and make for a very responsive surface that is easy to move around on and switch positions.

As mentioned already, the sturdy edge support means that the mattress’s entire surface can be utilized without the fear of sinking at the edge or rolling off.

The testers all rated this mattress exceptionally highly as a couples mattress that is great for sex, with one even saying it was one of the best mattresses for sex they’d tested. Others noted that it rates higher than most other innerspring and hybrid mattresses in this area.

It was pointed out that the steel springs could develop some amount of creaking over time, but overall, it’s also a quiet (and therefore discreet!) mattress.

Durability:  Good

While the Saatva warranty covers the Classic for 15 years, the consensus of testers and owner experiences suggest that it should have a lifespan of between 6-8 years, which is on par with the average innerspring and hybrid mattress.

The coil on coil structure along with the perimeter support system means it is sturdily constructed. The support layer’s Bonnell coils are made from thick, resilient steel, and the comfort layer coils add reinforcement.

The durability of the dual steel coil construction means it should hold a significant amount of weight over time without any pronounced deterioration or sagging.

Euro tops are prone to deterioration over time; the foam may develop permanent impressions due to the softer, less resilient materials used, so rotating the mattress every 3-6 months should extend its life.

Ease of Movement:  Great

Ease of movement is truly one of the strengths of the Saatva Classic. One tester even went so far as to say it was a highlight and rated it “exceptional” with a 10/10.

Hybrid mattresses are typically quite responsive, but the dual spring layers combined with polyfoam make this one exceptionally responsive and bouncy. This bounce and responsiveness mean rolling side to side and changing positions should feel relatively effortless, especially on the firmer and less plush Luxury Firm and Firm versions.

The ease of movement and changing positions means the Saatva Classic is an excellent choice for combination sleepers and those who prefer a responsive, “on top” of the mattress feeling rather than the melting, sinking in feeling of a material like memory foam.

Ease of Setup:  Great

The simple reason the Saatva Classic received this rating is that there is no setup or handling required—white glove service comes as standard with the free delivery, meaning it is delivered directly to your desired room and set up for you.

One caveat is this is not a small or light mattress, so when it comes time to rotate it every 3-6 months or shift it to a new room, it will likely be a two-person job.

Value for Money:  Great

A common theme from the Saatva Classic testers was their surprise at just the amount of mattress, including its size, construction, and features, that you get for your money.

It was commonly noted that the value you get with the Saatva Classic is highly competitive compared to store-bought mattresses of comparable quality. More than one commented that it is a luxury option that you’d pay twice as much for in-store, or the same price for half the thickness.

The luxurious feel, quality construction and materials, and durability mean there’s a lot of value packed into the Classic, making it a good investment.

The overall consensus is that the price you will pay is hard to beat for the quality you get. And the fact that you can choose different firmness levels and profiles without any additional cost is an attractive bonus, as is the free white glove delivery, which you would typically pay between $100-$150 for from other brands.

illustration representing sleeping positions

Ratings by Sleeping Position

Suitability for Side Sleepers:  Great

The plush cushioning of the Euro top and the contouring pressure relief provided by the individual coils of the comfort layer that keep the spine in neutral alignment and conform to the curves of the body, especially around the hips and shoulders, means side sleepers are well served by the Saatva Classic.

Some side sleepers, especially lighter individuals under 130lb, may prefer the Plush Soft version due to its deeper sinkage and a higher level of cushioning, making it easier for lighter people to activate the coils below for the support and pressure relief needed.

Light side sleepers who prefer a bit more firmness may like the Luxury Firm, as should average-weight side sleepers. Heavier side sleepers above 230lb may prefer the Firm version but might find the softer Luxury Firm more to their liking if they sleep strictly on their side.

Suitability for Stomach Sleepers:  Great

Stomach sleepers tend to need a mattress on the firmer side and one with plenty of pushback and support that won’t allow the hips and midsection to sink too deeply into the bed. If this happens, it causes spine misalignment and can put a lot of pressure on the lower back.

With this in mind, stomach sleepers are well served by the selection of Saatva Classic firmness options and its high level of support. Depending on firmness preference, sleepers 130lb or under should find adequate support from either the Plush Soft or Luxury Firm versions.

Average sleepers weighing between 130-230lb will likely prefer either the Luxury Firm or Firm, again, based on preference, and heavy individuals above 230lb will probably find the firmness and support of the Firm the best option for stomach sleeping.

Suitability for Back Sleepers:  Great

This is a mattress that provides a great balance of comfort and support for back sleepers; the Euro top and comfort layers will allow your hips to sink slightly into the bed but not too far, which is ideal for back sleepers.

The Bonnell spring support layer provides a sturdy base and pushback that you can feel, and the individual coils offer added support and contouring for spine alignment. According to some testers’ opinions, the extra lumbar support makes this one of the best mattresses for back sleepers.

The Plush Soft and Luxury Firm versions should suit lighter sleepers under 130lb depending on firmness preference. The Luxury Firm should comfortably accommodate back sleepers in the range of 130-230lb with the perfect balance of firmness, comfort, support, and contouring. Heavy back sleepers 230lb+ will likely enjoy the firmness and support of the Firm version.

Suitability for Combination Sleepers Great

While the Saatva Classic is a top performer regardless of sleeping position, combination sleepers, who don’t have a strict sleeping position and change frequently throughout the night, need a mattress that caters to them as “all-rounders.”

What makes the Classic a slam dunk for combination sleepers is its versatility, responsiveness, and bounce that provide excellent ease of movement.

The bounce of the dual coil systems and the foam’s responsiveness mean that rolling over and switching positions should be pretty effortless; because the surface does not allow for excessive sinkage, and sleepers will feel very much on top of the mattress as opposed to within it, and unrestricted.

illustration of a weight scale

Ratings by Body Frame Type

Suitability for Heavy People:  Great

The versatility of the Saatva Classic makes it an excellent option for heavyweight sleepers, with the ability to mix and match firmness and thickness options meaning they should be able to find the right fit and balance so they don’t end up “bottoming out” and feeling like they’re sleeping on a bed of concrete.

The 14.5” profile option means extra strong support and stability from the 7” steel Bonnell support coils. Testers found better overall support for heavy sleepers due to the extra coil strength.

Heavy stomach sleepers will appreciate the firm support and pushback of the Firm version, while back and side sleepers should find either the Luxury Firm or Firm version accommodating. They don’t hug the body as closely as the Plush Soft and give more support to the areas that need it, like the hips and shoulders.

The individual comfort layer coils will contour and support heavy sleepers’ bodies nicely as they sink into the mattress, and they should experience a good level of pressure relief.

The sturdy, relatively durable construction of the Classic is a bonus for heavier sleepers, too. As one of the testers remarked, “this mattress is built like a tank.”

Suitability for Average People:  Great

All of the testers in the average weight range enjoyed the Saatva Classic. Average back sleepers should be able to take their pick from any of the three firmness versions, depending on their preference, although most found the Luxury Firm to feel the most balanced of the three.

Side sleepers will probably prefer either the Plush Soft or Luxury Firm versions due to the cushioning, spine alignment, and pressure relief they offer.

Stomach sleepers should enjoy either the Luxury Firm or Firm versions due to the level of firmness and support provided by the dual coil system, which prevents excessive midsection sinkage and keeps the spine aligned with no pressure on the lower back.

Suitability for Light People:  Great

Light sleepers will be well served by at least two of the three different Saatva Classic firmnesses. Light side sleepers should enjoy the ample cushioning, support, alignment, and pressure relief of the Plush Soft, while back and stomach sleepers will enjoy either the Plush Soft or Luxury Firm for their contouring and support.

Light sleepers will likely find the Firm too firm, and it will likely not be conforming enough or provide enough pressure relief. They may feel as if they cannot provide enough downward pressure into the mattress to take advantage of the contouring comfort spring layer.


Is Saatva worth the money?

The Saatva mattress represents excellent value for money considering the quality, level of luxury, performance, and versatility it offers. Many mattresses of comparable quality can cost twice as much as the Classic in brick and mortar stores.

The quality is high enough for Saatva mattresses to be used in many hotels across America, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a mattress as versatile and well-balanced as the Saatva Classic for the price. It represents an excellent investment.

Is Saatva Classic a good mattress?

In a word, yes. The Saatva Classic is one of the highest-performing mattresses OptimumSleep has reviewed to date, scoring highly in just about every performance category we measure.

It comes in three different firmness options and two thickness options, meaning it will suit just about every type of sleeper regardless of body shape, size, weight, or sleeping position.

It is well-constructed and sturdy from durable materials. Additional touches like the 3” Euro pillow top add a level of luxuriousness not often found in hybrid mattresses of comparable price.

What is the star rating for The Saatva mattress?

According to our algorithm that calculates the average star rating for each mattress based on how well it was rated for different points of concern, The Saatva has scored 4.5 out of 5 stars.