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Welcome to our in-depth review of the Loom & Leaf mattress by Saatva. This all-points summary is going to show you exactly how the Loom & Leaf stacks up in all the areas that matter according to professional testers, including areas you may not have even considered. So you can be assured you’ll be making an informed choice.

The Loom & Leaf comes in two firmness options. We’ll compare both and break down how each one performs across various tests, exactly who each one is best suited for, and answer some of the most common questions about the Loom & Leaf.

Our Methodology

We’re a review aggregator that curates, vets, and fact-check the best mattress reviews. Since mattresses are such a subjective product, we base our findings on the consensus from many experts and customers rather than one person’s opinion.

Review Summary

The Loom & Leaf by Saatva is a great quality all-foam mattress available in both medium-firm and firm. It is constructed with organic and eco-friendly materials, in line with the values of its parent company, Saatva.

The Loom & Leaf provides great support, pressure relief, motion isolation, back pain relief, and temperature regulation. It’s a mattress that represents excellent value for money and is backed by a company with a reputation for customer service and satisfaction.

The premium 5lb-memory-foam comfort layer is eco-friendly and does not off-gas, so it is odor-free and naturally cooling.

With its two firmness options, it is going to be an excellent fit for most sleepers, regardless of sleeping position or bodyweight. Its high quality at a modest price tag means it represents a great investment, especially given its durability and long expected lifespan that is covered by a generous 15-year warranty.

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Recommended For:

  • Those who suffer from back pain
  • Those who need high levels of pressure relief
  • Side sleepers
  • Heavier-than-average sleepers (Firm version)
  • Eco-conscious consumers
  • Those who sleep hot
  • Those who want a good value investment

Not Recommended For:

  • Those who like a bouncy mattress
  • Those who like a highly responsive mattress
  • Strict stomach sleepers (Relaxed Firm)
  • Those who prefer a soft mattress
  • Those who prefer a hybrid or spring mattress feel


  • Available in both Relaxed Firm (medium-firm) and Firm versions
  • Temperature neutral, thanks to cooling gel, breathable foam, and cotton cover
  • Has a good edge support for an all-foam mattress
  • Superb levels of comfort, support, and pressure relief
  • The comfort layer includes extra lumbar support
  • Represents a great investment considering its high quality and durability
  • Eco-friendly and utilizes organic materials
  • Little to no off-gassing


  • Might not be soft enough for some people (only medium-firm and firm options)
  • Not very bouncy or responsive
  • Relatively high price for an all-foam mattress

Ratings by Point of Concern for the 

Ratings by Sleeping Position or Body Frame for the 

Fact Sheet

Trial Period

120 nights. The trial period begins from the date your mattress is delivered. If you wish to return or exchange your mattress for any reason whatsoever within the trial period, it will be picked up and removed for free. You will receive a full refund of your purchase price, minus a $99 transportation fee. There are no other associated charges or costs.

Refund & Return Policy

Unlike some other mattress companies, Loom & Leaf does not specify a minimum trial period of at least 30 days — you can return your mattress any time within the 120-night trial period.

The Lineal™ Adjustable Base is non-returnable, but for everything else, there are no catches — returns will only incur the $99 transportation cost and are deducted from the refund amount. Exchanges are the same — only a $99 transportation cost applies.


Loom & Leaf comes with one of the best warranties in the industry — 15 years non-prorated. This means your mattress is covered for manufacturing and material defects, and if it is deemed defective within the first 2 years, it will be replaced with a brand new mattress at absolutely no cost.

Beyond two years, your mattress will be repaired and recovered at no cost apart from $99 each way for transportation. Alternatively, a “Fairness Replacement Option” is offered, meaning years 3 through 5, you get to keep the original mattress, and a new one will be sent to you for 40% of the original price you paid.

For years 6 through 10, you’ll pay 60% of your original price, and 80% years 11 through 15. The $99 transportation cost will apply for all new mattress deliveries if this option is chosen.

Delivery (S&H)

A nice bonus that comes with your Loom & Leaf mattress purchase is free delivery, which includes an in-home setup (usually a paid add-on known as “white glove” service with other companies). One day before delivery, you will receive a phone call to organize delivery within an agreed 4-hour window.

If delivery is running late, you will be informed and will have the option to reschedule for free or cancel the order and receive a full refund.

There is no cancellation fee before the day of delivery, but if you are late or not home during the agreed time, delivery can be rescheduled with a new delivery fee added, or you can cancel the order for a full refund minus the $99 transportation cost.

White-Glove Delivery

There is no white-glove service or delivery add-ons because mattresses are delivered and set up in your home by default for free. You also have the option of having your old mattress removed for free — simply check the “Mattress Removal” option when ordering.

Customer Service

Saatva (the makers of Loom & Leaf) has an A+ rating from the BBB, and its reputation for customer service was backed up by the experiences of the professional testers.

Things like the 120-night no-risk trial period, 15-year warranty, free White Glove delivery service, and old mattress removal are all nice bonuses that show Saatva is a company that takes customer satisfaction seriously.

Contact options are good, with live chat, phone, and email all available 24/7, and they even have a list of Ten Commitments that back up their customer-first approach. To add further peace of mind, Saatva’s customer service representatives do not work on commission.

Company Info

Loom & Leaf’s logo

  • Founded: 2011
  • Headquarters: Austin, TX, U.S. 🇺🇸
  • Made in: USA 🇺🇸

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How Is The Loom & Leaf Different?

The Loom & Leaf differs from some other all-foam mattress models in that it comes in two firmness options, so most sleeping preferences are going to be catered for. It has cooling features that many memory foam mattresses do not have, like its layer of Spinal Zone foam that is infused with cooling gel, and its highly breathable organic cotton cover.

Loom and Leaf mattresses are often compared to Tempur-pedic in terms of the quality of its materials and construction. While it is not the cheapest mattress, its comparatively modest price tag makes it hard to beat value-wise.

For couples who have different preferences, the Loom & Leaf is available in split sizes, and the mattresses are designed to be compatible with adjustable bases.

Layers & Materials

Thickness 12”
Number of Layers 5

The Loom & Leaf mattress layers breakdown

  1. Cover: Organic cotton cover & quilted ⅝” foam

    The cover is quilted and wrapped in breathable, organic cotton. It is also covered with natural thistle flame retardant.

  2. Comfort Layer: Cooling gel layer & 4lb memory foam

    It’s composed of cooling-gel-infused slow-response memory foam with added lumbar support.

  3. Contour Layer: 5lb premium memory foam

    A second layer of memory foam adds to the thick, luxurious feel.

  4. Transition Layer: PU transition foam

    This layer comprises polyfoam with a quicker response than the memory foam layers and acts to stop the sleeper from sinking too deeply while at the same time “easing” them into the firm base layer.

  5. Base: Multi-layer breathable high-density PU support foam

    The thick (6”) base layer is dense polyfoam and helps the mattress hold its shape while acting as a sturdy and durable support for the layers above.

Model Comparison

SizeDimensions (W x L x D)Weight (lbs.)Price (mattress only)Price (mattress + foundation)
Twin38” x 75” x 12”61$849$1008
Twin XL36” x 80” x 12”70$1,149$1,208
Full54” x 75” x 12”79$1,599$1,708
Queen60” x 80” x 12”93$1,699$1,858
King76” x 80” x 12”116$1,999$2,217
California King72” x 84” x 12”116$1,999$2,217
illustration representing aggregate ratings

Ratings by Point of Concern

Motion Isolation:  Firm Great Relaxed Firm Great

All-foam mattresses containing memory foam are generally well-known for their motion isolation properties and lack of motion transfer, and the Loom & Leaf is no exception. It passed all testing with flying colors and is definitely characterized by the testers unanimously as above average.

While the Relaxed Firm version has a slightly higher level of sinkage, it still manages to isolate movement exceptionally well, so for couples, even if one partner is significantly heavier, their movements should not be a disturbance at all. Both versions rate highly as a mattress suited to couples who need good motion isolation and no partner disturbance. In case you’re still in any doubt, this statement from one of the testers sums it up: “L&L kills it in the motion transfer category.”

Temperature Regulation:  Firm Good Relaxed Firm Good

While memory foam mattresses don’t have a good reputation for sleeping cool, Loom & Leaf have taken measures to mitigate the “hot” factor.

The organic cotton cover is highly breathable. Its proprietary cooling spinal gel layer, “naturally cool” memory foam, and breathable support foam are all features designed to keep the mattress as cool-sleeping as possible. But the proof is in the testing, so how does it actually perform?

In general, testers found the Loom & Leaf to sleep cooler than other all-foam mattresses but found it to be more temperature neutral than actively cool. This suggests the cooling gel and breathable foams do have some effect in drawing heat away from the body.

Thermal imaging showed the Loom & Leaf took seven and a half minutes to return to room temperature after being laid on for 30 minutes. The average for mattresses that this particular tester has reviewed is ten minutes, so, an above-average performance.

One point to note is that the Relaxed Firm version will allow more sink and have more of a cradling, in-the-mattress feel, which may result in higher temperatures. The Firm version should see most sleepers more ‘on top’ of the mattress, with more exposure of the body to air, so it may feel cooler.

In general, people who naturally sleep hot probably won’t go for a memory foam mattress, preferring a hybrid or traditional spring mattress. Still, most people should find the Loom & Leaf relatively temperature neutral.

Firmness:  Firm 7.5 / 10 Relaxed Firm 6 / 10

Having two different firmness options means Loom & Leaf has its bases covered in terms of suitability for most people. The Relaxed Firm version has the standard medium-firm all-foam mattress feel.

It will feel closer-conforming and slower to respond to pressure and allows enough sink to have more of a ‘sleeping in’ rather than an ‘on top’ feel. The Relaxed Firm, according to many of the testers, would suit side sleepers.

The Firm version would probably feel a bit firmer than you’d expect, especially for an all-foam mattress. Initially, some testers found it will feel firmer when you first lie on it and then soften up — it too has the traditional slow-sinking compression of memory foam. However, the Firm has slightly firmer polyfoam in the 2-inch support layer. The Firm is likely to suit back and stomach sleepers.

Support & Comfort:  Firm Great Relaxed Firm Good

One thing testers and reviewers mentioned consistently was the level of support offered by the high-density polyfoam multi-layer support base — one describing it as “hefty.” This six-inch foundation reinforces the layer above and is what provides good spine support and alignment.

Testers concluded light to average weight sleepers (130-230lb) should find great levels of support from the Relaxed Firm version, especially if they are back or side sleepers.

So at the heavier end of average, they may prefer the firmer version if they are predominantly stomach sleepers. While the Relaxed Firm offers good support, the softness and sink of the comfort layers may allow too much midsection sinkage.

The Firm version has excellent support and will suit heavier individuals (>200lb) or those who prefer a firmer mattress feel. All sleeping positions are well catered to, even stomach sleepers.

One tester even described the Loom & Leaf Firm as being “great news for people who love the feel of memory foam but have had trouble finding a supportive enough all-foam mattress.”

Edge Support:  Firm Good Relaxed Firm Good

Loom & Leaf appears to perform well in terms of edge support — for an all-foam mattress. Of course, the amount of sink will depend on body weight and the firmness level of the bed.

The majority of testers found that there was sinkage when sitting on the edge of the mattress, but not to a level where they became unstable, felt like they were going to fall off, or struggle to get up again.

When lying near the edge, it was a similar story — not as much support as in the middle of the bed and some sinkage, but none of the testers felt like they were unstable or going to roll off the bed.

Heavier people may find the edge support lacking in the Relaxed Firm version, so the Firm may be a better option. Still, overall both mattresses gained a passing grade from testers, and the conclusion is that edge support is relatively good for an all-foam mattress. Couples for whom edge support can be important should have no issues.

Pressure Relief:  Firm Great Relaxed Firm Great

The slow-reacting memory foam of the Loom & Leaf makes for fantastic pressure relief — the soft conforming foam that molds to the contours of the body works in tandem with the dense support layers to cradle and distribute body weight evenly.

The pressure-relieving properties of the Loom & Leaf mean it should be an excellent choice for those suffering from aches and pains and need a mattress that combines comfort and support with pressure-relieving properties. Both firmness versions feature equally good pressure relief, though heavier sleepers, especially stomach sleepers, should go for the Firm version.

Side sleepers, who traditionally require higher levels of pressure relief due to the concentration of weight at the shoulders and hips that can become extremely uncomfortable, will be very well served by the Loom & Leaf.

Smell & Off-Gassing:  Great

Foam mattresses have a reputation for off-gassing and having a chemical smell that can be rather unpleasant, especially to those with sensitivities to such odors. Loom & Leaf claim their beds don’t smell since they are shipped stable — that is, they are not shrink-wrapped or compressed then packaged.

This means the foams are able to breathe and off-gas before leaving the factory. Typically, mattresses are wrapped, compressed, and packed straight after construction, meaning they off-gas once they are unwrapped by the consumer.

Some of the professional testers found the Loom & Leaf had no or almost no smell when they got it; others said there was a slight smell that at worst should go away within a few days. You will likely notice some scent, but for an all-foam mattress, off-gassing and odor do not appear to be a significant issue at all.

One tester even commented on the cover’s smell, describing it as “great—almost like you’re walking through a field.” The foams used by Loom & Leaf are all CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning they have low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.

Bounce & Sex:  Firm OK Relaxed Firm OK

One of the disadvantages of memory foam mattresses is they can sometimes have a distinct lack of both bounce and responsiveness — both qualities that help when it comes to sexual activity. Both the lack of bounce and responsiveness were common themes among the professional testers who reviewed the Loom & Leaf.

While the slow-response foam is good for traction, its cradling and conforming nature means movement can be a bit restricted, so changing positions may require a bit more effort. The lack of bounce can also inhibit movement and may not be the best mattress for sex.

One advantage is its silence — meaning it is discreet. But couples who want a higher level of bounce and responsiveness might prefer a hybrid mattress.

Durability:  Great

The Loom & Leaf is often compared to Tempur-pedic mattresses when talking about the quality and performance of its materials and construction. This comparison is backed up by the testers who predicted the Loom & Leaf should be a more durable mattress than most of its competitors.

This is thanks in part to its thickness — it has a thick, multi-layered support base of high-density foam. This is one part of a mattresses’ construction that is a good predictor of durability. The high-density foam and the general quality of other materials and construction mean it should surpass the average 6-7 year lifespan for all-foam mattresses.

The excellent 15-year warranty covering the Loom & Leaf shows that they are willing to back their mattresses’ durability. Heavier people should get more use out of the Firm version.

Ease of Movement:  Firm Good Relaxed Firm Good

Testers were mixed in their opinions when it came to the ease of movement and repositioning on the Loom & Leaf. Because it has slow-conforming memory foam that allows the body to sink into the comfort layers, this enveloping nature can be restrictive.

However, many of the testers found that this didn’t actually restrict movement too much. While repositioning is not as easy as it would be on a bouncier hybrid or spring mattress, none actually found it too much of a problem.

This is most likely due to the transitional polyfoam layer that acts as an intermediary between the softer conforming layers above and the dense support foam below, as well as the quilted cover, which some testers found prevented them from sinking too deeply.

The Firm version will be a better choice for heavier people, and most should find movement easier on this one thanks to being slightly more ‘on top’ of the bed.

Ease of Setup:  Great

The Loom & Leaf gets a high score here simply because there is no setup to do. All Loom & Leaf mattresses come with in-home delivery and setup for free. This is known as White Glove service, which is typically charged as an extra by other mattress companies.

Not only that, but they will also take your old mattress away free of charge as well. Some other companies charge a further fee on top of the White Glove delivery charge for this option.

In terms of moving the mattress once it is already set up, the Loom & Leaf is no different from any other foam mattress — it weighs less than a hybrid or spring mattress, ranging from 61lb — 116lb, so manageable by someone strong on their own. Still, the bulky nature of mattresses means it will always be easier and is recommended to be done by two people.

Value for Money:  Great

While the Loom & Leaf is at the higher end price-wise when it comes to all-foam mattresses, the unanimous verdict from testers and reviewers is that it does represent excellent value for money.

As mentioned earlier, Loom & Leaf are often compared to the high-priced Tempur-pedic mattresses in terms of quality and materials, but Loom & Leaf well and truly beats Tempur-pedic on price.

The durability and expected long lifespan make the Loom & Leaf a good investment and great value for money. Also, the small added extras such as free delivery, setup, and old mattress removal keep down incidental costs that can add up.

illustration representing sleeping positions

Ratings by Sleeping Position

Suitability for Side Sleepers:  Firm Good Relaxed Firm Great

The unanimous opinion of testers and reviewers is that the Loom & Leaf should be a real standout mattress for side sleepers. Side sleepers are often hard to cater for due to their higher pressure relief needs around the shoulders and hips.

Still, the Loom & Leaf really delivers with its close-conforming and supportive memory foam that is backed up by the thick, dense support base layer that cushions and evenly distributes the weight of side sleepers, effectively reducing the pressure in problem areas.

The Relaxed firm will be better suited to light to medium (130-230lb) sleepers, while the Firm version may be better for heavier individuals who require additional support. Lightweight side sleepers will likely not find the level of sinkage deep enough on the Firm and may suffer from uncomfortable pressure points.

The Loom & Leaf features on many professional reviewers’ ‘Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers” lists.

Suitability for Stomach Sleepers:  Firm Great Relaxed Firm OK

Stomach sleepers typically require the most firmness out of all the sleeping positions due to the hips’ tendency to sink too far into the mattress, causing spine misalignment and back pain.

Due to its relative softness, the Relaxed Firm Loom & Leaf is not going to be the best choice for most stomach sleepers. Lightweight sleepers (<130lb) should find sufficient support and spine alignment, but heavier stomach sleepers may find the Relaxed Firm downright bad. The heavier testers who reviewed the mattress found this to be the case.

On the other hand, heavier stomach sleepers should find much to like in the Firm version. The extra firmness provides that extra level of support that works in combination with the soft conforming memory foam to allow the hips to sink slightly while not throwing the spine out of alignment.

Suitability for Back Sleepers:  Firm Great Relaxed Firm Good

One area that received consistent praise from testers is lumbar support. Most said that they felt well-supported when lying on their back; the memory foam contoured and supported the areas that really need it, like the lumbar region.

Lumbar support is essential for back sleepers because if the hips sink lower than the shoulders, the spine is out of alignment, causing pressure and discomfort in the lower back.

The Relaxed Firm version of the Loom & Leaf should suit light and average weight people, but some heavier (>230lb) individuals may not feel the best levels of support when back sleeping.

The Firm version will be a better fit for heavier back sleepers or those who just prefer a firmer feel. Sleepers should feel a bit more ‘on top’ of the mattress rather than ‘in’ the bed, meaning most back sleepers should still feel well cradled and supported while maintaining proper spine alignment.

Suitability for Combination Sleepers Firm Good Relaxed Firm Good

The Loom & Leaf is actually a fairly versatile mattress, making it a good choice for combination sleepers. Despite the soft conforming foams, most testers did not find moving around or changing positions on the bed hard.

This is partially because the relatively tight-quilted cover prevents too much sink and thanks to the thick, dense support layer coupled with the 2-inch transition foam layer that provides a counter to the soft memory foam.

In saying this, the Relaxed Firm version may not be quite as good for combination sleepers, especially those on the heavier side, due to the deeper sinkage and more conforming foam. The Firm version and its more ‘on top’ feel means movement for all sleepers may be easier, especially those on the lighter side.

Your mileage may vary if you are a combination sleeper, especially if you rotate between back and stomach sleeping. So while most testers found it to be at least acceptable for combination sleepers, if not quite good, you may like to take advantage of the 120-night risk-free trial period to decide for yourself.

illustration of a weight scale

Ratings by Body Frame Type

Suitability for Heavy People:  Firm Great Relaxed Firm OK

Overall, the Firm version of the Loom & Leaf is likely to be a better fit for heavier people, regardless of sleeping position.

There is the potential for very heavy people on softer mattresses to “bottom out” — i.e., sink too deeply into the soft layers and end up resting on the firmer layers, which is no good for pressure relief or spine alignment. Heavier back and side sleepers may like the Relaxed Firm if their preference is for a softer bed.

Heavy stomach sleepers most likely will not find the Relaxed Firm suitable at all due to excessive sinking at the hips, which will cause significant discomfort and potentially lower back pain.

Suitability for Average People:  Firm Great Relaxed Firm Good

People in the average weight range should find either version of the Loom & Leaf good regardless of their sleeping position. The main factor to consider is firmness preference — which is why the 120-night trial period is so valuable — it’s not the end of the world if either doesn’t fit expectations for any reason.

Average-weight side sleepers may enjoy the pressure relief level from the Relaxed Firm version over the Firm, which may not allow enough sinkage to get the full pressure relief benefit.

Back and stomach sleepers should find either version performs well for them, depending on firmness preference. However, most testers are of the opinion that the Firm version would be the better choice for average weight back and stomach sleepers, due to the sturdier support, especially in the lumbar/hips region.

Suitability for Light People:  Firm OK Relaxed Firm Good

The relaxed firm is likely to be the best fit for lighter people. Though softer than the Firm version, the Relaxed Firm is still a medium-firm feel, which is usually the preference for most average people, so some very light individuals (<130lb) may even find the Relaxed Firm a bit too firm, especially if they are a side sleeper.

Lighter individuals who are strict stomach sleepers may even prefer the Firm version, though this will come down to personal preference — both versions should provide sufficient support and spine alignment.

Light side sleepers may find the Firm too firm with not enough pressure relief. Light back sleepers should be well served by either version; firmness will come down to personal preference.


If the Loom & Leaf is comparable to Tempur-pedic, why is it so much cheaper?

Loom & Leaf is an online-only retailer, so it does not have the same overheads associated with brick and mortar stores.

Are Loom & Leaf mattresses 100% organic?

No – the cost of being 100% organic would be cost-prohibitive to Loom & Leaf customers. The cover is made from organic cotton, and eco-friendliness is one of the main focuses of Saatva, the makers of Loom & Leaf, who use natural materials where possible.

What is the foundation made of?

Loom & Leaf foundations are made from North American spruce and contain eco-friendly foams covered in organic cotton.

Is the Loom & Leaf compatible with adjustable frames?

Yes, this is one of the main features of the Loom & Leaf. This includes motorized adjustable frames.

Is finance available?

Yes. Finance is available through Klarna, with a 0% APR for 6 months.

Can I try out the Loom & Leaf in a store?

Unfortunately, no. Loom & Leaf is an online-only retailer. However, they do offer a generous 120-night risk-free trial period to try the mattress out in your own home before deciding if it is right for you.

What is the star rating for The Loom & Leaf mattress?

According to our algorithm that calculates the average star rating for each mattress based on how well it was rated for different points of concern, The Loom & Leaf has scored 4.0 out of 5 stars.